Weddings Weddings Baessler Wedding on the new #8 Party Bus Baessler Wedding on the new #8 Party Bus 7-14-18 205209864 Baessler Wedding at Yerkes Observatory 7-14-18 Baessler Wedding at Yerkes Observatory 7-14-18 205209854 Hannah Ceschi & Sean Bruskiewicz Wedding In Fontana with Hannah & Sean in the #7 Limo Bus on their wedding day. Photo courtesy of Ari Rosenthal Photography 204275668 Kucik Wedding Williams Bay Lakefront 199699312 Whitney 1 Brides have more fun on the Party Bus from Y Drive Limousine Service. All day service from the house to the hair salon then off to the church to get married. After the ceremony we drive around for photo's before the reception then head on over to the banquet hall. 53871451 Kucik Wedding 2 Williams Bay Wisconsin Lakefront 199699313 Whitney 2 The Party Bus makes a great backdrop for a lovely bride when you use Y Drive Limousine Service for your wedding transportation 53871452 Loading up to go in the #7 Limo Bus Almost ready. 199699310 Whitney 3 53871453 1st Wedding in the #7 Limo BUs Ready to go! 199699309 Whitney 4 53871450 Cameron Polek Oh her way to become Cameron Polek Logar in the #6 Party Bus 186166297 Rich & Cameron Logar Wedding Making the letter Y with her arms and body for Y Drive! 186166298 Sievers Wedding 8-26-17 Couple waiting for the party to begin. 204449509 Sievers Wedding 8-26-17 Bridesmaid & Bouquet, both beautiful. 204449508 Sievers Wedding 8-26-17 Bridal Party returning to Party Bus after photo's 204449510 Sievers Wedding 8-26-17 Getting back on the party bus to head to Yerke's for more pictures. 204449511 Sievers Wedding 8-26-17 Bride and groom in Lake Geneva finished with pictures on the lake. 204449512